Science and Technology in Developing Areas

The World Science Project


Principal Investigator, Antony Palackal, Loyola College of Social Science, Trivandrum

Participating Institutions

Centre for Earth Science Studies

Kerala Agricultural University (Faculty of Agriculture, Vellayani)

Central Tuber Crops Research Institute


Scientific Collaboration and the Kerala Model: Does the Internet Make a Difference?
Sooryamoorthy, R., Ricardo B. Duque, Marcus Ynalvez, Wesley Shrum
Under review.

Is Kerala Becoming a Knowledge Society? Evidence from the Scientific Community
Sooryamoorthy, R. and Wesley Shrum
Sociological Bulletin 53 (2), May-August 2004, pp. 207-221.

When knowledge becomes the key for progress and development its generation assumes great significance. Who generates it and how it is done become important issues, and particularly so in developing societies. We attempt to understand both the players and the system of knowledge generation using data from a longitudinal study of 404 scientists in Kerala collected in 1994 and 2000. The analysis focuses on changes occurring during this period in the personal characteristics of the researchers, their professional activities, and their productivity.