Past, Present, and Future of Research
in the Information Society (PPF)

13-15 November 2005
Tunis, Tunisia

An official side event preceding Phase II of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)      


PPF will examine the role of research and the production of knowledge in the information society, with special emphasis on developing areas of the world. Core issues of the conference lie at the intersection of Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, and Development.

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World Summit on the Information Society

WSIS -- General Information, ITU

WSIS Phase II, 16-18 November 2005

Accreditation To WSIS:

Following PPF registration, your application for accreditation for the main WSIS will be submitted.   The main WSIS is in the Kram Center 16-18 November, after the PPF event in the Corinthia Khamsa hotel. You will receive an official confirmation letter by email. Keep this & print two copies, one for yourself and one to provide the badging center when you get to Tunis.

When you get there, go directly to the "WSIS Summit Badging" desk in the Registration Centre, present this confirmation letter together with your passport, in order to receive an official WSIS Summit badge. Registration and badging will be located in the WSIS Registration Centre near Tunis-Carthage Airport, open 11-18 November 2005: 0700-2200 hours.

(Note that the confirmation letter can also be used as a supporting document to apply for a visa to Tunisia.)

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