Past, Present, and Future of Research
in the Information Society

13-15 November 2005
Tunis, Tunisia

Sponsoring Organizations

Society for Social Studies of Science

Louisiana State University

World Science Project

Hewlett Packard




International Federation for Information Processing


Participating Organizations

Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)



       World Science Project


Third World Academy of Sciences


International Council for Science


Committee on Data for Science and Technology



Food and Agriculture Organization of the                    United Nations


World Federation of
Engineering Organisations




International Social Science Council (ISSC)


Great Plains Network

Center for the Digital Future




The National Academies (US)


Society for the History of Technology

    Hewlett Packard


National Science Foundation ( United States)



CGIAR Program for ICT









International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)





Louisiana State University



National Natural Science Foundation of China

International Network for the

Availability of Scientific Publications


The Center for Women & Information Technology