Past, Present, and Future of Research
in the Information Society

13-15 November 2005
Tunis, Tunisia

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Session Descriptions

Updated 18 June 2005

Abstracts and session descriptions are in alphabetical order by author or session organizer.

Ronda Hauben

(Session) The Origin and Early Development of the Internet and of the Netizen: their Impact on Science and Society.

This session will focus on the history of the development of computer networks, the linking of these networks via the creation of the Internet, and the emergence of the active participants in these networks, the netizens (i.e., net.citizens). Our session will include papers about the scientific development of networking technology, as well as the impact of the Internet on science and on society.

The Internet will continue to develop and impact society, but already the Internet has a history, the as yet untold history of its development as a science and a technology. Also, emerging with the Internet has been the netizen. The session will consider the historical organizations and threads which brought forth the Internet and the netizen. It will also consider the vision that gave birth to the networking developments of our time and will explore the continuing relevance of this vision.

The Internet has made it possible to link diverse networks around the world, and the citizens of these networks, into a global public sphere populated by citizens of the world, by netizens. This development is a product of scientific/technical research, of research in resource sharing and in interactive communication on both technical and social levels. It is also a product of the activity of the users and of the netizens. The emergence of netizens is one of the spectacular achievements of the creation and development of the Internet, an achievement that as yet has received little attention. The netizens movements in countries like Korea and China are an important component of the international development of netizens, and this conference session will explore both the development of the technology and of the online participants in these important technical developments.


Ronda Hauben (USA)
Columbia University
title: The International and Scientific Origins of the Internet and the Emergence of the Netizen

Jay Hauben (USA)
Columbia University Libraries, Columbia University

title: The Vision of JCR Licklider and the Libraries of the Future

Werner Zorn (Germany)
Department for Communication Systems, University of Potsdam.

title: German-Chinese Collaboration in the First Stage of Open networking in China

Kilnam Chon (Korea)
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department(EECS) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)

title: The Development of Networking and the Internet in Korea and Asia:
A History

Anders Ekeland (Norway)
Economist, NIFU STEP - Centre for innovation research/Senter for innovasjonsforskning.

title: Netizens and Protecting the Public Interest in the Development and Management of the Internet: An Economist's Perspective